Different public and private sectors of Bislig had successfully took a step in revitalizing the City’s tree canopy last June 30, 2017 at Sian watershed Sta. Cruz, Bislig City as part of the City Wide Tree Planting Activity through the Living Investment in Bislig (LIB) Tree Project.
Meanwhile, this tree planting activity was also in compliance to a nationwide directive to implement Tree Planting outlined in the Presidential Decree No. 1153 that calls every Filipino Citizen to help, as duty and obligation, to conserve and develop the resources of the country. This simple act of planting a tree helps the environment in various ways such that it battles climate change by setting off the increase of air pollutants, cooling the earth’s atmosphere, regulates the cycle of water in the ecosystem, and prevents the emergence of flood and other destructive natural calamities that greatly caused destruction of life and properties. Most importantly, this would also provide soothing and conducive environment for all the floras, faunas and the whole humanity.
Consequently, this step of the government is not just their way of restoring the beauty of nature but also their way in upholding and achieving the City’s Vision which is to become “ a model city for organic agriculture in the Philippines by the year 2020”.


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