The LGU shaped the very first revalida which happened last August 5, 2016 as the ten (10) pilot VAC teams were created in line with the established Office of the Strategic Management (OSM) to ensure the sustainability of the PGS employees’ responsiveness and cooperation in the fulfillment of the city’s vision. With the success of the pioneering pilot VACs that yielded groundbreaking results, City Mayor Librado C. Navarro seeing the efficiency and effectiveness of the City Government employees, ordered for the Creation of the Expanded VACs of Bislig City hence EO No. 07 Series of 2016. With this order, commenced the implementation of EVAC PIG in line with their strategic objective. As the Pilot VACs of 1-10 underwent Performance Revalida, so as the EVACs comprising groups from VAC 13-41.
During the Expanded VAC Revalida presentation held at City Organic Agri-Fishery Complex (COAFC) at Sta. Cruz, Bislig City last June 21-23, 2017 only 28 out of 31 groups presented their designated projects. Everybody was pressured wearing their business attires and faced the panel of judges from the different sectors of the community such as government-agencies, academe, religious, business sectors, CSOs and POs. Last June 28, 2017, the twenty-eight (28) teams successfully achieved their fruits of labor after the scheduled revalida. All the EVAC teams prosperously passed. The top three (3) VACs are VAC 39 which is to, “Facilitate and assist taxpayers the transfer of ownership of the purchased lots of Mangagoy and Tabon” with 9.28 score led by Mr. Filomeno L. Gumato, VAC 38, “To increase RPT collection from delinquent property and commercial loans” with 9.08 score led by Ms. Alma R. Basañez and VAC 24, “Designate a brand GOAT” with 9.0 score led by Mr. Mario V. Lozada.


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