Achieving the objective of providing a comprehensive development in employment, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) takes an advance leap directed on young workers to obtain work experience through the Government Internship Program (GIP).

The GIP is a component of the Government Kabataan 2000 project under Executive Order No. 139 series of 1993 which aimed to provide opportunities for young workers to serve the general public through the projects and services of government agencies and offices at both local and national level.

In response with the DOLE’s thrust in employment, Mayor Librado C. Navarro, of Bislig City through the Public Employment Service Office (PESO), Manager-Designate, Ms. Laine S. Elechicon have exerted and elicited determination, support, and effort of encouraging the youth especially the unfortunate yet deserving for the opportunity which served as training ground of enhancing their skills and abilities in serving the people of Bislig through government service.

A total of 150 interns of Bislig City hired in the program are those graduates of high school, college, and vocational courses, and out of school youth. The interns had undergone a two-day orientation last May 2-3, 2016 in regards with the role and responsibilities between the interns and DOLE as well as the Code of Conduct of a disciplined and dedicated government employees as part of enhancement rendered in the program. Each has its distinct area of responsibility in accordance with their assignment both local and national government offices. This paved the way of practicing their skills in work as employees of the government. They also join, participate, and perform varied government activities that show a complete understanding of each role and at the same time strengthening relationships through learning from their employers.

The DOLE interns will receive monthly wage in its six-month contract that serves as contributing factor of helping their families and also sustaining their needs.
The Government Internship Program has become an achieving milestone for the youth in building professionalism, nurturing skills and developing young responsible government employees of Bislig City. It becomes a big help in oneself and also a facet of extending effort and skills which strengthen the people and government it served. Moreover, the DOLE-GIP uplifts economic advancement as mark of a progressive Bisliganons. It has indeed mirrored the City’s Mission of providing excellent services and economic opportunities with an empowered citizenry.

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