(Madayaw na Pag-abot)

• Camp staff/volunteers Registration
• Orientation of camp rules and regulations
• Getting to know and group flaglets
• Turnover of campers to foster parents.


• Medical and dental check-up
• DRRMC Orientation
• Story Telling and Honorary
• TalentShowcase

Day 3

• Awarding and Closing Program
• Departure of Campers
• Committee evaluation at Baywalk

KamParaIso 2016

Every human being is unique in their own way and so every child has its own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that define the character of who they really are. One must not take into account the differences a person has but appreciate it. Among these persons are the differently-abled children. They are unique yet need more special attention, love, and care.
The City Government of Bislig headed by Mayor Librado C. Navarro in cooperation with Person with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO), Bislig City Committee for the Welfare for Special Person (BCCWSP), and of Loving Presence Foundation Inc. (LPFI) conducted the KamParaIso program at Saint Brother Miguel Center for Recollection and Training situated at Forest Drive Village, San Roque, Bislig City. The theme of the program, —“Indogan ang Kadaywan ng Kanato Kaiso-an” conveys to stand and support the welfare for children. This simply values the disabled persons to be a part of the community not apart from it. The event is a three-day activity, started July 7 and ended on July 9, 2016. There were a number of 50 children with disabilities and 70 volunteers who participated in the program. Among these volunteers, 20 persons were the Quick Response Team (QRST). There were also 47 foster parents who were enlisted.
“Madayaw na Pag-abot” (local lively greeting) was the entourage on the first day where in the registration period of both campers and volunteers followed. They were given orientation conducted by the Special Education Teachers. The day’s activity was set to know the differently-abled children better and to their assigned Ate and Kuya volunteers. These volunteers were tasked to be the child’s best buddy or best friend. They shared experiences and did some favors for the children which added significant atmosphere inside the Camp.

The highlight of the day that touched the hearts of everybody who had witnessed the moment was the heartfelt emotion of a volunteer towards her assigned differently-abled child. The volunteer, Crystal Friday Ludo cried on the condition of the boy named Carl who had multiple disabilities. She had expressed that the courage and determination shown by the child was a concrete example for everybody to withstand amidst trials in life. The turnover of the campers to their assigned foster parents known as “Ninongs” and “Ninangs” ended the 1st day of KamParaIso. This became a part for foster parents to help the children develop their mental abilities and to experience family oriented relationship that served as their foundation to consider.

Holy Mass resumed the activity on the second day. Medical and dental check-up were also initiated by Dr. Dionisio V. Tayko and Dra. Grace Arellano Barcenas to physically check the campers’ condition. Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (DRRMC) conducted an orientation to be more informed and prepared to deal with any untoward incidents, natural or manmade alike. Story telling with DepEd teachers was also done that made everybody closer as expected of motivation to all campers. Children were grouped and named their teams after vegetable varieties such as Team Upo, Sayote, Kalabasa, Malunggay, and Pechay. Talented campers together with their volunteers boosted their ability as they started to perform the next part of the program which is the talent showcase. The first event was the poster making contest in which the Team Upo won. In Yell category, sing and dance were participated by all groups and again team Upo led by its Team leader Rossell B. Sanchez got the 1st place. Participants indeed showed their talents that marked every personality a strong and open –minded aspect of humanity.

The awarding and closing program happened on the last day of the KamParaIso. The campers commenced in joyous mood as they participated in the morning shower praise and exercise. The winning team received recognition awards as the awarding of winners were proclaimed. Everybody considered the event a wonderful experience that would last a lifetime. The smile on children’s faces, volunteers, and foster parents revealed how happy and thankful they were for the program.

This KamParaIso was done to display continually the differently-abled peoples’ interactions, capabilities and talents and that disability was never a hindrance to deal with others as part of the society. They may have differences but still they deserved to be loved, recognized and respected.

AUGUST 15, 2016