EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 23 Series of 2020


WHEREAS, Proclamation No. 922, series of 2020 placed the entire country under the State of Public Health Emergency as issued by President Rodrigo R. Duterte arising from the emergence of Corona Virus Respiratory Disease (COVID-19) which is highly infectious;

WHEREAS, the COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force has issued Resolution No. 11 allowing Local Government Units to declare a community Quarantine and providing specific parameters;

WHEREAS, local transmissions apart from those contracted by individuals from other corona virus hit countries have been detected by the Department of Health. The deaths and growing number of persons infected by the disease subsequently led the DOH to raise the emergency level as “Code Red”. Thus, travel restrictions, social distancing and imposition of curfew dictate to be imposed in the city as faithful observance of the DOH precautionary measures;

WHEREAS, Article 87 of the Rules and Regulations Implementing the Local Government Code of 1991 has specified the powers, duties and functions of the City Mayor that include exercising such powers and functions for efficient, effective and economical governance the purpose of which is the general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, more particularly, the exercise of general supervision and control over all programs, projects, services and activities of the city; and

WHEREAS, said powers, duties and functions of the City Mayor aimed at promoting the general welfare of the city and its inhabitants necessitate the enforcement of community quarantine of the entire city to contain the transmission of corona virus among its residents and prescribing rules and regulations and sanctions against violation thereof.

NOW, THEREFORE, I FLORENCIO C. GARAY, City Mayor of Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, by virtue of the power vested in me by law, do hereby order the following during the duration of the community quarantine, to wit:

SECTION 1. Community Quarantine in Every Barangay. It is hereby imposed to adopt community quarantine in every barangay in the entire City of Bislig among individuals who arrived hereof from travels in Manila, Clark Pampanga, and other places in the country with confirmed COVID-19 cases, and those who have travelled from foreign countries, subject to the following guidelines, to wit:

a) Home quarantine for fourteen (14) days of Persons Under Monitoring (PUM). Meaning those without symptoms;

b) Quarantine at an isolation area or Patient Isolation Unit for fourteen (14) days of Persons Under Investigation (PUI). Under this category, only PUI with mild symptoms or not associated with other diseases such as diabetes, hypertensive, organ transplant and others of similar nature shall be quarantined at said isolation area. The principal of the nearest public school building shall provide a room to be designated as an isolation area for the above-mentioned patients. Likewise, the City Health Office shall cause to disinfect regularly the same during its use and before its turn over to the School Principal after the purpose for which the isolation area is created shall have been accomplished;

c) Patients under the immediate preceding paragraph who may manifest progression of COVID-19 symptoms worth compelling to be referred to the hospital, the City Health Officer must initiate for hospital referral. It must be the ambulance of the referred hospital that should transport the patient; and

d) Private and public hospitals receiving the PUM/PUI shall immediately report the same to the City Health Office.

SECTION 2. Activation of Barangay Health Emergency Response Team (BHERT). All Punong Barangays of the Local Government of Bislig City shall activate, or in its absence shall organize its BHERT in their respective barangays to assist in the campaign to contain the COVID-19 including but not limited to the surveillance of individuals having symptoms or asymptomatic apart from their regular disaster rescue and response functions.

Those barangays that are not covered of the Bislig City checkpoints shall establish their own checkpoints.

SECTION 3. Cancellation of Mass Activities and Gatherings. All activities whether or not planned or spontaneous, requiring, expecting or tending to gather number of individuals including trainings, seminars, conventions, summit, fiesta, araw celebrations, birthdays, wedding, baptism, blessings, inaugurations and others of similar nature are hereby cancelled. Graduation ceremonies shall be re-scheduled on a date after the normalcy of the health status of the city or province or the country, should it be pushed through.

SECTION 4. Suspension of School Classes. Classes at all levels, public and private are hereby suspended until further notice. Teachers as well as non-teaching personnel either in public or private institutions are likewise included in the suspension of classes. Parents as well as barangay officials shall ensure that students and children are staying at home during suspension of classes. It shall be incumbent upon DEPED to determine what appropriate action shall be done in relation to the suspended classes after the normalcy of the health condition of the city, province or country.

SECTION 5. Continuity of Normal Business Operation. All business establishments shall continue their usual operation, except the following tourism destinations which are hereby required to observe precautionary closure, namely:

  • a) Swimming pools, resorts and other various tourism destinations;

  • b) Cockpits and cockfights for charitable or cultural activities;

  • c) Gyms;

  • d) Team Sports;

  • e) Karaoke Houses;

  • f) Beer Houses;

  • g) Amusement Places;

  • h) Internet Cafes;

  • i) Bingo and E-games;

  • j) “Ukay-ukay”;

  • k) Department Stores;

  • l) Others of similar nature.

Restaurants, food stalls and stores offering food services shall be closed from 7:00 o’clock in the evening to 5:00 o’clock in the morning.

SECTION 6. Washing Facilities/Sanitizing of Private Business Establishments. All private establishments shall provide handwashing facilities or provide hand sanitizing using seventy percent (70%) alcohol or hand sanitizer at their respective entrance ways and likewise, regularly disinfect their premises.

SECTION 7. Social Distancing and No Touch Policy. Amidst the potent health hazards threat by COVID-19, all individuals in the City are hereby obliged to observe social distancing in any physical communication/transaction at least no less than two (2)–meter distant against each other, or to avoid “beso-beso”, or handshaking, or kissing of hands, or forehead and other routine physical contacts.

SECTION 8. No Entry of All Vehicles and Passengers. No entry of all vehicles, both public and private in the City of Bislig during the duration of the period of the community quarantine except for medical and peace and order personnel, medical emergency situations with emergency certificate, firefighting, rescue and retrieval, those government agencies performing their official functions, those delivering goods and commodities, food, agricultural products to and from the market, medicines and those by the assessment of the City Mayor shall be given permission in the exigency of government service.

However, residents of Bislig City will be allowed to enter after showing legitimate proof/s of residence from 5:00 o’clock in the morning to 7:00 o’clock in the evening.

SECTION 9. Imposition of Curfew. As one way of preventing further transmission of COVID-19, a city-wide curfew shall be observed from 8:00 o’clock in the evening to 5:00 o’clock in the morning. Those who are working such as security guards, watchmen, construction workers, fishermen, rescue personnel, firefighting, drivers transporting workers going home, medical workers, those transporting patients or cadavers, those reporting or seeking for response of an emergency and others of similar nature, provided valid ID card or document is presented to the satisfaction of the law-enforcement personnel, shall be exempted from the curfew.

SECTION 10. Penalty. Any violation or willful disobedience of the provisions of this Executive Order shall be penalized in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act No. 9271, or Quarantine Act of 2004, more particularly Section 8 thereof which imposes a penalty of fine ranging from P10,000 to P50,000 and/or an imprisonment of not more than one (1) year, without prejudice to the provision of Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code for Resistance or Disobedience to a Person in Authority or his Agents with a penalty of Arresto Mayor and fine not exceeding P100,000, as the case may be.

SECTION 11. Other community quarantine policies and regulations. The following shall be strictly observed, to wit:

a) People shall stay in their homes and shall only come out to work, buy food or medicines, go to the hospital or take out garbage. While at home, residents are enjoined to do something productive like backyard gardening, and mandatory daily household cleaning and disinfection of touched at their respective houses.

b) All residents should exercise caution in buying goods and necessities. If necessary, assign only one person per family buy goods for their consumption.

c) Hoarding and panic buying of masks and disinfecting agents are strictly discouraged.

d) Government transactions like LTO is temporarily suspended. Other government transactions and services of the City Government of Bislig will continue.

e) Frontline offices involved in the COVID-19 Crisis Management and Response Team are mandated to maintain round-the-clock operation.

f) Workers from Bislig City are not authorized to work outside Bislig except those working in COVID-19 Crisis Management and Response Team with proper identification.

g) Drivers and helpers of cargo and delivery vehicles, and supply delivery trucks are not allowed to leave vehicles while loading/unloading is being done.

h) Passengers and drivers of exempted vehicles will be subjected to temperature check.

i) Private establishments/companies based in Bislig shall implement flexible work plan for their respective operations.

j) Payments of electric, water, cable, internet and other similar bills should be extended.

k) The Department of Trade and Industry shall implement price freeze on suggested retail price of basic goods and commodities pursuant to Republic Act No. 7581 or The Price Act.

SECTION 12. Hotline Numbers. In case of emergency, the following numbers can be contacted:

  • a) COVID-19 Crisis Management and Response Team: 09399282595/ 09099152261/ 09151389281

  • a) Philippine National Police - 09399248366

  • b) Armed Forces of the Philippines - 09173151995

  • c) Local Government of Bislig - 09334671079

  • d) Bislig City 911 - 09388570259

  • e) Emergency Operation Center (EOC) - 09392158417 / 09172069266

SECTION 13. Separability Clause. In the event that any provision in this Order or any part hereof is declared invalid, illegal, or unconstitutional, the provisions hereby affected shall remain in force and in effect.

SECTION 14. Repealing Clause. All orders, rules and regulations, other issuances, or parts hereof which are inconsistent with the provisions of this Order are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

SECTION 15. Effectivity. This Executive Order shall take effect 12:00 midnight of March 21, 2020 and shall remain in force unless sooner revoked or amended.

Done this 19th day of March, 2020 at the City of Bislig, Surigao del Sur.