EO 01-2016- Organization Of The Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) Planning Team

EO 03-2016- Constitution Of The Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentive Awards City Assessment Team (LTIA CAT)

EO 04-2016- Constitution Of The Local Governance Management System (LGPMS) - Seal Of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Team

EO 05-2016- Creation Of The City Assessment Team (CAT) For Bottom-Up Budgeting For Barangays (Bub4barangays)

EO 07-2016- Creation Of The Vision Aligned Circles (VAC)

EO 08-2016- Creation Of The Bislig City Special Task Force Hot Meat

EO 10-2016- Establishment Of The Living Investment In Bislig (LIB) Tree Project

EO 10-A-2016- Reconstitution Of The City Development Council

EO 10-B-2016- Reorganization Of The City Solid Waste Management Board

EO 10-C-2016- Establishment Of A Color Coding Scheme Of Containers Or Bags For Waste Segregation

EO 11-2016- Creation Of The City Ad Hoc Committee For 2016 2nd Semester Po1 Attrition Recruitment Program

EO 12-2016- Creation Of The Rabies Control Committee

EO 13-2016- Creation Of The Geographical Information System (GIS) TWG

EO 14-2016- Reconstitution Of The Gender And Development Focal Point System (GFPS)

EO 15-2016- Creation Of The Task Force Kalag-Kalag

EO 16-2016- Reorganization Of The People_S Law Enforcement Board (PLEB)

EO 17-2016- Creation Of The Revenue Resource Mobilization Advisory Committee (RRMAC)

EO 18-2016- Creation Of The Personnel Development Committee

EO 18-A-2016- Creation Of The Incident Command System

EO 19-2016- Creation Of The Special Task Force To Regulate The Display Of Firecrackers

EO 20-2016- Creation Of The POC TWG

EO 21-2016- Implementation Of The Contraceptive Self-Reliance (CSR+) Program

EO 21-2016- Reorganization Of The City Anti-Drug Abuse Council

EO 21-A-2016- Reorganization The City Peace And Order Council

EO 22-2016- Creation Of The Local Housing Board