EO 01-2017 - Creation Of The Bislig City Pcf Project Implementation Team

EO 02-2017 - Organization Of The Ugnayan Ng Barangay At Simbahan Technical Group (UBAS TWG)

EO 03-2017 - Establishment Of The Lgu Bislig City Central Internet Access

EO 04-2017 - Support To Sustainable Livelihood Program Of DSWD Caraga

EO 04-A-2017 - Creation Of The Bislig City Committee For The Welfare Of Disabled Persons (BCCWDPS)

EO 05-2017 - Deputization Of The City Ecological Solid Waste Management Task Force For RA 9003 And Ordinance No. 2009-02

EO 06-2017 - Constitution Of The Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) - Seal Of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Team

EO 07-2017 - Creation Of The Committee To Review Of The Existing Salaries And Wages Of JO And COS

EO 08-2017 - Creation Of The Twg For Bayan Ko, Linis Ko Program

EO 09-2017 - Creation Of The Bislig City Project Management Office (BCPMO)

EO 10-2017 - Establishment Of The Bislig City 911 Command Center

EO 11-2017 - Guidelines On Information-Posting Within The LGU-Bislig

EO 12-2017 - Activation Of The Project Monitoring Committee (PMC)

EO 13-2017 - Strenghtening Of The Bislig City Risk Reduction Management Office (BCDRRMO)

EO 14-2017 - Amendment Of Section 1 Of EO No. 8 S. 2017 Re Twg Bayan Ko, Linis Ko Program

EO 15-2017 - Organization Of The Masa Masid Group Steering Committee And TWG

EO 15-A-2017 - Creation Of The Learning Service Provider (LSP) Screening Committee

EO 15-B-2017 - Creation Of The Awards And Incentives For Excellence (PRAISE) Committee

EO 16-2017 - Constitution Of The Lypong Tagapamayapa Incentives Awards City Assessment Team (LTIA CAT)

EO 17-2017 - Reorganization Of The Vision Aligned (VAC)

EO 18-2017 - Reconstitution Of The Bids And Awards Committee

EO 19-2017 - Contraceptive Self-Reliance (CSR) Program

EO 20-2017 - Creation Of The Informed Choice And Voluntarism (ICV) Monitoring Committee