EO 01-2018 - Reorganization Of The Office For Strategy Management (OSM).

EO 02-2018 - Creation Of The City Audit And Transition Team.

EO 03-2018 - Establishment Of The Local 888 Citizen_S Complaint Center

EO 04-2018 - Creation Of Working Committee For The 3rd IFOAM Asia Organic Congress.

EO 05-2018 - Reorganization Of The Bislig City Council For The Protection Of Children And The City Inter-Agency Committee Against Trafficking -Vawc (LCPC-CIACAT-VAWC).

EO 06-2018 - Constitution Of The Cy 2018 Local Governance Performance System (LGPMS) - Seal Of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Team.

EO 07-2018 - Creation Of The TWG For Sustainable Livelihood Program - Peace And Development (SLP-PDP).

EO 08-2018 - Amendment Of Section 1 Of Eo No. 8 S. 2017 Re TWG For The Bayan Ko, Linis Ko Program.

EO 09-2018 - Creation Of The Joint Task Force For The Survey Of Properties For Government Related Projects.

EO 10-2018 - Reconstitution Of Committees For The 3rd Organic Asia Congress And Interrelated Events.

EO 11-2018 - Establishment Of The Information And Communication Technology (ICT) Council.

EO 12-2018 - Reorganization Of The Office For The Strategy Management (OSM).

EO 13-2018 - Reorganization Of The Vision Aligned Circles (VAC).

EO 14-2018 - Creation Of The City Contract Termination Review Committee (CTRC).

EO 15-2018 - Reconstitution Of The Barangay And School Working Committees For The 3rd Organic Asia Congress (OAC) And Interrelated Events.

EO 16-2018 - Strengthening The Bislig City Risk Reduction And Management Office.

EO 17-2018 - Creation Of The Management Committee For The Information And Service Delivery Network (ISDN).

EO 18-2018 - Institutionalization Of The City Implementation Team On Responsible Parenthood And Reproductive Health (RP-PH) Program.

EO 19-2018 - Creation FO The Local Public Transport Route Planning Team.

EO 20-2018 - Guidelines On The Grant Of Honoraria To Lecturers, Resource Persons, Coordinators And Facilitators.

EO 21-2018 - Amendment Of The Property Inventory Committee.

EO 22-2018 - Creation Of The TWG On The Acquisition Of Appropriate Tenurial Instrument For The Operation Of COAFC.

EO 23-2018 - Amendment Of EO No. 10 S. 2016 On The Reconstitution Of The City Developmentr Council Of Bislig.