Signed confirmation slip and AVP entry forms submission to the CIO-Tourism Division is extended not later than 5:00pm on August 10. 2021.



  1. The contest aims to produce an original composition for Bislig Centennial Celebration (the Year 2021)
    which may be used in Centennial-related activities.
  2. The theme of the Audio Visual Presentation (AVP) should be anchored to Bislig tourism destinations/sites, arts, culture, heritage, people, products, activities and the Centennial/Charter Day Festivities, with the main focus of the theme: "BISLIG TURISMO: MNGADI DA KAMO".
  3. The length of the AVP should not be less than 10 minutes but not more than 15 minutes.
  4. The original tune "Suyoyon Ta Bislig" (source: CIO-ITD) is preferred though popular tunes can be adapted for teh AVP, provided that the tune is copyright-free.
  5. The images and videos used must be original showing the current/latest sceneries of the different sites.
  6. Voice over in English is preferable.
  7. Videos should include aerial shots.
  8. The resolution must at least be 1080p (1920x1080).
  9. Prizes and Awards
    1. 1st prize - P15,000 with plaque
    2. 2nd prize - P12,000 with plaque
    3. 3rd prize - P10,000 with plaque
    4. Consolation Prizes - P2,000 with certificates
    5. Special Prize - MOST VIEWED - P2,000 with certificate
  10. Contest participants must register, by submitting the signed confirmation slip, to the CIO-Tourism Division, 3/F City Hall Building, National Highway, Poblacion, Bislig City not later then 5:00pm on August 10. 2021.
  11. Upon confirmation of participation, the participants will be invited to a meeting for the contest briefing.
  12. No registration Fee will be collected.