Bislig Guidelines Of An Enhanced Community Quarantine

“An Order Providing For the Guidelines Of An Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Bislig City.”

Effectivity: April 12, 2020 midnight


Section 1: Declaration of enhanced community quarantine beginning 12:00 midnight of april 12, 2020 until otherwise lifted or withdrawn


Section 2: Sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11 are adopted from executive order #23


Section 3: Guidelines

  • Wearing of mask when in public is mandatory.

  • Work-from-home & with skeletal manning of all government offices, except those in security, health, social services, sanitation and disaster.

  • All private offices must close, except for those offering essential goods & services. Please refer to the signed executive order for the exemptions. Skeletal workforce must be arranged whenever possible.

  • Essential sectors such as those in energy, water, telecommunications, cargo and others, must only work for preventive maintenance and emergency cases.

  • All works that are not pertinent to the food sector, and the states of public health emergency and calamity response should immediately cease operation. Reduction of workloads & laborers for agri-business and farms.

  • Exemptions from curfew of all frontliners from the government and for workers from sectors offering essential goods & services, including those from the media outlets. Please refer to the signed executive order for the list of exemptions.

  • A 24-hour curfew is imposed in the entire city of Bislig

  • 24-hour liquor ban

  • Senior citizens, pregnant women, children, persons with medical conditions (hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, or those with comorbidities) are strictly prohibited to go out except for medical cases.

  • Exercising, getting fresh air & some sun is allowed within a few meters from one’s place of dwelling.

  • All hotels, spas, barber shops, beauty salons, massage parlors, gyms, beach and inland water resorts must be closed.

  • Sari-sari stores must be open only from 6am-6pm and must not allow people to stay and loiter.

  • Public markets/palengke must be closed at 7pm.

  • Restaurants, carenderias, food chains and the like are limited to take out services only.

Section 4: Entry and exit of individuals

  • Mandatory checking for signs and symptoms as well as questioning for travel history in all checkpoints.

  • Mandatory self-quarantine for persons coming from places with positive covid-19 cases.

  • Allowed entry for vehicles carrying essential food commodities, agri-fishery products and inputs with food pass issued by city agriculture office in every checkpoint.

  • Free riders of allowed delivery trucks are prohibited from entering.

  • Allowed entry for residents of bislig only if any proof of residence is shown but only from 6:00 am- 6:00 pm.

  • Allowed entry for non-residents who has purpose for work, banking transactions, and procurement of medicine shall be granted only if valid id, travel pass and any proof of employment (for workers) is presented.

Section 5: Use of quarantine pass

  • Quarantine pass – one person per household; for buying foods & basic necessities and accessing essential health services (to be issued by the barangay).

  • Work pass – for employers & employees without the employment id. Otherwise, employment id is sufficient (to be issued by the employers).

  • Emergency/medical pass – for those with constant/regular medical attention and treatment or urgent medical check-ups (to be issued by the local chief executive).

Other passes:

  • Food pass – for cargoes, delivery trucks & vans carrying essential commodities (to be issued by the city agriculture office).

  • Travel pass – for individuals travelling to other cities and municipalities (to be issued by the local chief executive).

Section 6: Suspension of mass public transport

All forms of mass public transportation is suspended. The agencies and employers of the skeletal workforce in the government and private sectors shall provide a point-to-point transportation.

Lgu will provide transportation for those seeking to avail of basic necessities such as hospital and clinic visits, and those who have limited access to establishments providing basic necessities.


Section 7: Imposition of curfew

The curfew is now 24-hours. Only those with quaratine passes can go out during curfew hours, except in emergency situations or for those exempted.


  • 1st offense: imprisonment (1 – 4 mos.) Or fine of P1,000.00 or both

  • 2nd offense: imprisonment (4 mos. & 1 day – 8 mos.) Or fine of P3,000.00 or both

  • 3rd offense: imprisonment (8 mos.& 1 day – 1 year) or fine of P5,000.00 or both


Section 8: Management of the dead

  • General infection precaution must be strictly oserved.

  • The covid-19 task force will designate funeral facilities to handle the remains.

  • Refusal of designated funeral facilities to provide logistics and transport is subjected to penalties.

  • DSWD shall provide P25,000.00 per deceased indigent covid-19 positive and pui cases


Section 9: Penalty

  • Fine : P10,000- P50,000 in accordance to sec. 8 of r.a no 9271 and/or ;

  • Imprisonment : not more than one year without prejudice to the provision of article 151 of the rpc for any violation or willful disobedience.