Hon. Alfredo J. Carmelo
Committee on House Rules, Good Government, Public Ethics and Accountability
Committee on Budget and Appropriation

Hon Aaron E. Castillo
Committee on Accreditation and Cooperative, Land Boundaries and Settlement
Committee on Disaster Preparedness and Management

Hon. Romeo F. Cacayan
Committee on AgricultureCommittee on Economic Enterprise and Development Planning

Hon. Edmund R. Estrella
Committee on Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Livelihood and Poverty Alleviation
Committee on Health, Nutrition and Sanitation

Hon. Edgar B. Corvera
Committee on Public Works and Infrastructure, Waterworks Development
Committee on Renewable Energy Resources Development

Hon. Ben V. Almanon
Committee on Labor and Employment
Committee on Social Welfare and Community Development

Hon. David K. Salazar, Sr.
Committee on Legislative Oversight, TransportationCommittee on Ways and Means

Hon Victor B. Alvar, Jr.
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources
Committee on Peace and Order and Public Safety, Urban Planning and Development

Hon. Geoffrey G. Cagakit
Committee on Education, Culture and Arts, Tourism Development
Committee on Laws, Justice and Human Rights

Hon. Mario S. Alvizo
Committee on Information and Communication Technology, Trade and Industry
Committee on Women and Family Affairs