COVID-19 Protocol Travel Pass Requirements


  • Letter of intent (Purpose of Travel, Address & Mobile Number)

  • Valid Medical Certificate - Individual (Original Copy)

  • OR/CR of Vehicl Updated (Photocopy)

  • Driver's License (Photocopy)

  • Filled-up Form for Travel Pass/Certification (Front Desk)

Note: Observe health preventive measures ad protocol: Mask / Social Distancing / Disinfection ad etc.


For Agri-Fishery and Essential Commodities (fish, Fruits, Vegetables, etc.)

  • Business Permit

  • Original Food Pass for Food Essentials

  • ID of Helper/Passengers

For Soda/Coal/Carbon/Wood Products/Sand & Gravel

  • Business Permit

  • DTI/CEEDO/CARGO Manifesto

  • Certificate of Origin for Coal/Carbon

  • ID of Helper/Passengers

For Medical Referral/Admission to Regional Hospitals

  • Letter of Referral/Admission signed by the Physician

  • Valid ID of watchers/Passengers

For Purchases of Medicine/Laboratory Equipment

  • Medical Prescriptiom, Purchase Orders, etc.

  • ID of Helper/Passengers

For Return for Work (From Bislig City to Outside Places)

  • Letter of Certification of Company

  • Company ID

For Returning Home (Outside Bislig City)

  • Proof of Residency for Non-Residents

  • Valid ID (Indicating Residency)

For Funerals

  • Death Certificates (Original Copy)

  • Crew Name/s

Note: Cut-off time of submission of applications with pre-requisite documents is 3:00 P.M.