Application for Locational Clearance Certificate

Requirements for the Application for Locational Clearance

  • Locational Clearance Application duly notarized and signed by the applicant and or representative.
  • Lot Plan with scaled vicinity map duly signed by the owner and the geodetic enginner.
  • Bills of Materials/Cost Estimates duly signed by the owner and the CE/Architect.
  • TCT or any proof of ownership of roght over the property. Latest Tax Declaration (Photocopy of Land Title must be certified by the Register of Deeds or original TCT must be presented for validation.
  • Duly notarized copy of Deed of Absolute Sale, Contract of Lease or Contract to Sell; Authority to Construct from the Lot Owner.
  • Barangay Construction Clearance
  • DPWH Clearance (if the project is along the National Highway)
  • ATO Clearance (if the project is near airport area)
  • Project description when required.