Application for Zoning Certification

Requirements for the Application for Locational Clearance

  • Vicinity Map/ drawn to scale of 1:1,000 showing the exact location of the proposed base station and major land marks within a radius of 200 meters.
  • Site Plan/ drawn to a minimum scale of 1:500 indicating the following features:
    b.1 layout of proposed project showing all structures
    b.2 area and boundaries of lot( property line)
  • Evidence of ownership in the form of certified true copy of Original Transfer Certificate of title in the absence of the foregoing, Contract to Sell or lease; or written and duly notarized owner’s consent to use; or tax declaration with proof of ownership from assessor’s office.
  • Certified true copy of National Telecommunication Commission’s Provisional Authority(PA) in the absence Certificate of Public Convenience and necessity (CPCN)or Certificate of Registration to provide Telecommunication Services which may operate the wireless communication.
  • Conversion order from Department of Agrarian reform if the project is located within an Agricultural zone.
  • Radiation Protection Evaluation report from Radiation Health Service of the Department of Health.