Mayor's Independence Day Message

To all of the employees in the city government of bislig, workers in the national government agencies, volunteers in the non- governmental organization, personnel in the private sector, and all our viewers, madayaw nasum kamayo hurot!

Today, we celebrate the 122nd independence day in the philippines. It is on this day that we recognize the contributions of our countrymen who fought for the freedom of our country. More than that, it is through their blood, sweat, and tears that we are able experience the bliss of independence today. No longer are we shackled by the chains of colonial rulers for we are now free birds that fly in the vast open skies.

However, today, we face a different kind of threat that shackles our right to freedom – an enemy that we cannot see and a peril that continues to take away the many lives of our compatriots. The pandemic known as the covid-19 has been the source of this global dilemma.

It is a concern which affected both our financial and manpower resources which include the support of military and pnp just to ensure that bislig city remains covid-19 free.

These efforts produced favorable results where after more than 3 months, we have zero pui and a total of 1128 individuals have completed their monitoring period.

Presently, we have 200 occupants on our existing four (4) quarantine facilities undergoing monitoring. This does not include sixty (60) individuals under home quarantine all under the “balik-probinsiya program” for ofws and locally stranded individuals (lsis), we expect a total two hundred sixty-eight (268) individuals going home to bislig city soon under the same program. And possibly will result to isolation facilities shortage. We have plans to address this concern.

Presently, a team of nurses and medical technologies are conducting rapid test on the existing occupants in our quarantine facilities. And as part of precautionary measures, we still maintain our guard post on critical entry points.

Yes, our frontliners have braved throught the dangers of the “new normal” just to ensure that we are safe from it! Sometimes we overlook their efforts and instead add more chaod in the scene by sharing fake news. We, in this administration, fully believed and acknowledge the battles that they face. Hence, we continue to create new programs and orders so that we too can take arms in destroying covid-19.

Now, i challenge you to do the same by following our health protocols and abide the implementations that we have disseminated so that we can finally rekindle what it means to live in a free and safe country!

Again, happy 122nd independence day, and may the good lord bless us all!