The contest aims to produce an original composition for Bislig Centennial Celebration (the Year 2021)
which may be used in Centennial-related activities.


The contest is open to musically inclined individuals/groups of individuals who are (all) residents of
Bislig City.


  1. The melody and text/lyric/poetry of the song must be wholly original and should not infringe on the existing copyright of any musical creations and all its intellectual property rights claims;
  2. The performance duration of the song must be 3 – 4 minutes;
  3. The text/lyric must be in Kamayu, Cebuano, Tagalog, English, or any of the two dialects/languages mentioned above;
  4. Any contestant may submit only one (1) entry. Once s/he has submitted an entry as a composer and/or writer of text/lyric/poetry, s/he may not submit another entry whether as an individual or as part of a collaborative effort.
  5. The entry must not have been published, recorded, and/or released in the Philippines or abroad.
  6. The song may be written in a popular or new song genre, or a fusion thereof, in any form or structure;
  7. The melody of the work may be performed by a single or group interpreter/s. Back-up vocal arrangements and/or arrangements for more than one vocal line are encouraged depending on how the songwriter/s want/s it to be sung/performed.
  8. Accompaniment to the vocal line may consist of more than a single instrument or instrumental combinations.
  9. Entries shall be submitted in MP3 audio format, however, still photos, video footages, and other related visuals of the recording/songwriting processes (not included in the judging) are mandatory to be submitted as annexes of the entry to the committee. This to be used in the video production of the song when it will be presented to the public as part of the centennial activity.
  10. The theme of the song must be in line with the centennial theme- Bislig@100:Celebrating Life and
    Heritage with Thanksgiving.
  11. All contents of the Entry Packet shall not be returned and will automatically be the property of the
    Bislig Centennial Commission.