Tinuy-an Falls is a waterfalls located in Barangay Borboanan in Bislig City in the province of Surigao del Sur which spans at 95 meters wide with a 55 meters plunge from its three cascading falls. Tucked in an area teeming with lush vegetation and tall trees, the water that drapes and cascades through the three waterfalls features a curtain of white froth that makes the waterfalls more appealing.

Hinayagan Cave is another tourist destination haven seeking the thrill to the depth of the earth located at Bislig City. So enchanting as you moved inside the cave with natural creations never before seen. Marveled by the beauty when passing an entrance then a vast space inside with the illumination of light in the center.

Hagonoy Island is a privately owned island resort and one of Bislig City’s gems. The island resort is perfectly separated 3 kilometers from the mainland. Situated in the center of Bislig bay, it is just a thirty minute boat ride from the mainland. Tourists can easily explore the whole island in less than 20 minutes; they can enjoy the white beaches and tranquility of the place.