Hagonoy Island is a privately owned island resort and one of Bislig City’s gems. The island resort is perfectly separated 3 kilometers from the mainland. Situated in the center of Bislig bay, it is just a thirty minute boat ride from the mainland. Tourists can easily explore the whole island in less than 20 minutes; they can enjoy the white beaches and tranquility of the place.

This destination is truly a perfect haven for a tropical getaway, the powdery white sand and pristine water will fascinate you as it gleams in your eyes. Since it is located across the Pacific Ocean, it is also a perfect spot for scuba divers and snorkelers. Swimming here is definitely worth it because it will be the best swim you can have in your life.

Tourists are encouraged to bring their own tents because there are no huts or cottages available. Campers will also love this place, because it’s a perfect place where they can enjoy an unhampered view of the setting sun as it falls to the horizon. Visitors can even sleep in a hammock or on the shore if they want to welcome the sunrise on the other side of the island.